Website Administration Services

Website Administration Services
Website administrators or site administrators perform an important function in web development and site maintenance, by maintaining software, performing backups and fine tuning a website's functionality. At Virtual Hires, we offer maintenance and analysis to websites, while providing solutions to the day-to-day problems associated with running a site. Updating, monitoring, and maintaining your website's functions can help improve the user experience while maintaining the look, credibility, and feel of the site.

Virtual Hires Site Administrators
Site administrators create and update website operations and performance to make sure that the site and its links are working properly. Our team of site administrators will assist you in updating, maintaining, and improving your website's performance.

Benefits of Hiring Outsourced Site Administrators

Saves Time
Site Compliance
Updated Site
Regular updating and backing up of web pages ensures information security and business stability.
Improved Functionality
Our site adminstrators tackle errors on websites that impact the user experience, including the lengthy loading of pages, broken links, and other issues.

Our Site Administration Services include
Website Content Maintenance/Management
Editing images or text, adding and removing content, updating websites, and maintaining and improving site operations.

Software Installation
Installing and managing programs and software such as advertising programs from Google and Yahoo! and other search engines, performing backups, improving system performance, fine tuning, and statistical reporting.

Log Analysis
Examining log files from Web servers, adding and removing account information, and resetting passwords.

Support Connectivity
Our online support systems are available to assist you with problems and questions.

Blog & Forum Creation / Moderation
Setup, maintenance, and overseeing of forums and blogs.

Mailing List / Subscription Database Management
Generation of mailing/delivery schedules and hosting and managing of subscriber database. This allows you to collect more information on your subscribers. Features include customized HTML forms, drop down menus, Query Wizards, automated welcome email, etc.